Raytion Search Connectors

Raytion are the benchmark for Enterprise Connectors trusted by and powering seamless connectivity with robust enterprise security.

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When searching for information on the internet, the intranet or on specific enterprise systems, a number of aspects have to be considered. The most important one is securely integrating content from specific source systems into a target system in due time.

In enterprise search, the target system is the search engine technology. While searching for documents, it is important to ensure that the search engine does not retrieve unauthorized information and that the security policies put in place are honoured. Integrating content from specific systems like SAP, Oracle and Documentum for example, while respecting the security models of each source system can be a tedious and expensive task for both, the customer and the system integrator.

To circumvent this problem, Raytion developed a family of vendor-independent enterprise search connectors that enables you to securely and easily retrieve business-critical information in a cost-effective and timely manner. The retrieval occurs from heterogeneous enterprise systems and applications, without the risk of jeopardizing the security and confidentiality of your documents: