Guided Citizen Development

A citizen developer is a user who creates new business applications for use by others using a low code application platform.

Our guided citizen development initiative kickstarts your organisation’s internal Low-Code platform awareness and skills.

We co-develop your initial applications with your staff, guiding them through the traps and pitfalls waiting for brand new users of a very powerful low code toolset.

It consists of a new format of in-situ on-premises training that allows staff to learn what they need to know in the context they fully understand. Maintaining momentum is key to staff engagement and satisfaction, don’t get frustrated with the early problems, we make sure you get past early roadblocks quickly.

As soon as you are comfortable with making progress without our involvement we fall back at your discretion into an advisory role for your future plans, you won’t rely on us for day to day management or upgrades.

The full business value of Low Code application efforts is realised when you use your valuable subject matter experts to assist or even fully create the tools and outcomes they need on a daily basis.