IDOL Ultimate Search by MicroFocus

Micro Focus IDOL Cognitive Enterprise Search allows you to index data from wherever it’s kept providing a precise, flexible, and secure approach to your data management strategy. With the ability to connect to more than 150 different disparate content repository types and over 1500 file formats, your data can be indexed and found in place reducing the impact on your server resources while allowing your customers and employees to access the data quickly and easily. All of this is out-of-the-box ready to quickly allow you to connect with your data.

IDOL Natural Language Processing works by identifying patterns within the human language whether written or spoken. This allows IDOL to be language-independent, working with many common languages spoken worldwide. Unlike many competitors, IDOL goes much future with the ability to identify and search video and image files as well. When we say all your data, we mean ALL your data.

Reduce preparation time for analysts so they can focus on the insights found within your data. With the Micro Focus IDOL FIND UI you can go beyond search results to visualize the information to better understand trends, hotspots, and anomalies that may appear within your data.

With its ability to scale to billions of document IDOL offer a stable, long-term almost futureproof choice for information management. A distributed modular architecture allows multiple instances of dedicated handlers to manage query-time traffic and document indexing in real-time. Through the use of IDOL’s self-replicating Docker container, your search application grows as fast as your business.

Who will see the value:

  • Content Manager Users
  • Enterprise Vault
  • Large eMail Stores
  • Organisations who needs to address large format data compliance issues.
  • Organisations who need to search large disparate Data source of all types.

IDOL plays a pivotal role in many other large difficult Enterprise solution stacks.

We would be happy to showcase IDOL Ultimate for your Enterprise.


OutSystems is our choice in Low Code Application Platform.

They have a transparent and straightforward pricing model that makes them a very strong choice for the SME segment.

Innovate with No Limits seems like a shamelessly bold slogan, we feel it’s justified.

Making robust meaningful business applications between 10x or 20x quicker than traditional methods allows you to do more for less and have fewer problems at the end of a development cycle.

New for 2019 it has built-in AI that assists in your basic building blocks this technology learns from all users so will be continuously improving with continued use.

Arrange a time with us for a demonstration of the power of this platform and how it will accelerate your digital transformation goals.

Introduction to OutSystems

Proof of Value Engagement

The time for proof of concepts was years ago, we partner with proven best in category software vendors to prove directly the value they provide quickly and painlessly.

We typically allocate 10 days spent working in and with your business to surface the best use cases from your business that best suit a meaningful showcase of the proposed technologies.

Our goal is to rapidly progress you to an informed decision point on committing to technology spends for your business that can over years cost from hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars.

These commitments should be informed by practical demonstrations of them in your business working with your real Data and users.

You will have a functional environment to see how the technology functions and to determine if this the right choice for your business.

Our solutions are pre-tested, pre-proven and adaptable we have no need to make any disruptive changes to showcase them inside your business.

You get the opportunity to evaluate their performance in your real-world setting.

Yes, it really is possible and will give you a fast and insightful vision of what your business can achieve.

RPA Robotic Process Automation

RPA interfaces with existing applications and automates high volume, repeatable tasks.

In simple terms, anything your computer can currently do is now a candidate for an RPA Robotic Automation there are a number of practical and financial considerations to understand before you commit to your long term goals.

Think of RPA as the magic technology of business automation, at this stage, it still needs trained magicians and sometimes the magic is not executed perfectly.

The leading RPA vendors are curating and encouraging rich interacting ecosystems with most of the software you use on a daily basis currently addressed to a very high standard.

If your software is in-house or a little less common then the RPA tools are designed to interact robustly and resiliently with as many applications as possible. The caution with a specialist or uncommon software is you will have to bear the cost of being first to figure out how to train the robot.

RPA transforms how businesses deal with manual processes, freeing up staff for customer-focused and value-added activities.

RPA is a critical first step to creating operational data and capacity that traditionally had not existed.

The best RPA projects benefit from a skilled partner, if your current process has underlying issues the act of automating that process can introduce problems a good partner helps you surface the right processes to work with as well as guiding you through some of the pitfalls of rolling out and scaling-up RPA initiatives.

Digital Commerce Search

The bar for product search has been set by Google, Amazon and the leading eTailers, set very high and getting higher every year.

If you make your users search 3 or 4 times many of your potential customers will start their search again elsewhere.

Your online shopping search experience needs to be as close and as personalised as practically possible.

Amazon has a product team of over 500 working on their search and recommendations outcomes,
in order to get close to your customer expectations, you need to be deploying the most powerful technology that works seamlessly with your site.

The Search function is used to show shoppers what they want when they want it, your job is to use the data you have collected and some of the latest in improved search algorithms and AI techniques to lift the quality of the search box. The results are measured in improvements in Add To Cart ratios and Average order values.

You need to be using the most appropriate techniques to enhance and personalize your Shopper’s browsing experience it’s possible your current eCommerce platform may not be as fully featured as possible in this capability.

Using Augmented Intelligence what you know about your customer along with other key signals and data you collect you should have the ability to continuously review and tweak progress in the search outcomes.

There is much to unpack when considering leapfrogging your current search and personalisation capabilities to the next level. We have a long background in Retail and appreciate that pure IT bells and whistles do nothing without the focus on the business imperatives.

These rules apply to B2B, B2C and Omnichannel retailers.

Please reach out to us we have experience with multiple options and are happy to help you understand what option is best for your needs.

Leadership Group Briefings

It’s frustrating how many complicated phrases and tech jargon get in the way of a meaningful understanding of how AI and next-generation automation tools are intersecting with generational changes and workforce trends to impact your business for better or for worse.

Most business leaders have a background in business, not IT. Given that this is the case how can they be expected to make meaningful decisions that will directly impact the direction, longevity and success of their business when so much of what the future holds for a given business is directly influenced by IT?

Many suggest that they will find out from their IT department but even within the field there is a huge gap in knowledge on the topic between the guys in the trenches and specialist like us.

We have prepared a comprehensive single day leadership group focused briefing covering off the main topics you need to get a handle on. It focuses not only on the major players in the AI, RPA and process analysis fields but just as importantly we speak to the interactivity of these vendors with each other. We look at scalability, sociability and a host of other very important factors that are designed to guide you in making the right decisions for your business, not to make a sale.

This interactive day will put you in a position to ask serious questions of the myriad of software vendors that will be presenting you with options that seem amazing (and some of them are) but may not be the right fit for you.

We endeavour to make these briefings as “Plain English” as possible and encourage you to ask the types of questions you need to ask in an environment of your choice, not an auditorium filled with strangers and competitor alike. It will be us, you and your team. We believe this is the optimum scenario in which to learn about these amazing new business tools and should see you in a far more informed and capable position by the end of our time together.