Leadership Group Briefings

It’s frustrating how many complicated phrases and tech jargon get in the way of a meaningful understanding of how AI and next-generation automation tools are intersecting with generational changes and workforce trends to impact your business for better or for worse.

Most business leaders have a background in business, not IT. Given that this is the case how can they be expected to make meaningful decisions that will directly impact the direction, longevity and success of their business when so much of what the future holds for a given business is directly influenced by IT?

Many suggest that they will find out from their IT department but even within the field there is a huge gap in knowledge on the topic between the guys in the trenches and specialist like us.

We have prepared a comprehensive single day leadership group focused briefing covering off the main topics you need to get a handle on. It focuses not only on the major players in the AI, RPA and process analysis fields but just as importantly we speak to the interactivity of these vendors with each other. We look at scalability, sociability and a host of other very important factors that are designed to guide you in making the right decisions for your business, not to make a sale.

This interactive day will put you in a position to ask serious questions of the myriad of software vendors that will be presenting you with options that seem amazing (and some of them are) but may not be the right fit for you.

We endeavour to make these briefings as “Plain English” as possible and encourage you to ask the types of questions you need to ask in an environment of your choice, not an auditorium filled with strangers and competitor alike. It will be us, you and your team. We believe this is the optimum scenario in which to learn about these amazing new business tools and should see you in a far more informed and capable position by the end of our time together.