UiPath is the latest software powerhouse you may not have heard of.

2016 – 2019 have grown almost exponentially recording 35,000% growth.

They provide a suite of tools designed for business-ready Robotic Process Automation.

To get a sense of the scale of their success PwC alone has committed to spending over $1 Billion dollars on licensing.

The US Federal government is training over 1 million staff to be proficient with RPA.

UiPath has successfully walked the tight-rope of Tier 1 software integration and co-operation and has meaningful agreements with Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, Citrix and hundreds of additional vendors crucially they have done the heavy lifting so you don’t have to.

They have developed an AI (artificial intelligence) fabric providing robust out of box AI solutions combining with its citizen developer focussed low code development platform to offer true intelligent process automation.

They have incorporated commercial-grade process mining software into the suite to ensure business benefits are trackable and verifiable.