Digital Commerce Search

The bar for product search has been set by Google, Amazon and the leading eTailers, set very high and getting higher every year.

If you make your users search 3 or 4 times many of your potential customers will start their search again elsewhere.

Your online shopping search experience needs to be as close and as personalised as practically possible.

Amazon has a product team of over 500 working on their search and recommendations outcomes,
in order to get close to your customer expectations, you need to be deploying the most powerful technology that works seamlessly with your site.

The Search function is used to show shoppers what they want when they want it, your job is to use the data you have collected and some of the latest in improved search algorithms and AI techniques to lift the quality …

Capability Audit

One of our core functions is to provide business capability audit service.

What is this and why is it so important?

When making a decision regarding the future of your IT systems it is very important to assess the capabilities you already have. Why would you upgrade if you aren’t going to see any real ROI? Why adopt an AI technology that won’t integrate simply and in a cost-effective fashion no matter what it may be capable of. These are important considerations if made incorrectly result in poor outcomes for your business.

Any IT service provider, programmer or salesman who makes a promise of instant increases in performance without carrying out this vital audit of your existing capabilities should be viewed with suspicion.

This process typically takes between 5 – 10 business days though it can vary a little with …

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Leadership Group Briefings

It’s frustrating how many complicated phrases and tech jargon get in the way of a meaningful understanding of how AI and next-generation automation tools are intersecting with generational changes and workforce trends to impact your business for better or for worse.

Most business leaders have a background in business, not IT. Given that this is the case how can they be expected to make meaningful decisions that will directly impact the direction, longevity and success of their business when so much of what the future holds for a given business is directly influenced by IT?

Many suggest that they will find out from their IT department but even within the field there is a huge gap in knowledge on the topic between the guys in the trenches and specialist like us.

We have prepared a comprehensive single day leadership group …