RPA Robotic Process Automation

RPA interfaces with existing applications and automates high volume, repeatable tasks.

In simple terms, anything your computer can currently do is now a candidate for an RPA Robotic Automation there are a number of practical and financial considerations to understand before you commit to your long term goals.

Think of RPA as the magic technology of business automation, at this stage, it still needs trained magicians and sometimes the magic is not executed perfectly.

The leading RPA vendors are curating and encouraging rich interacting ecosystems with most of the software you use on a daily basis currently addressed to a very high standard.

If your software is in-house or a little less common then the RPA tools are designed to interact robustly and resiliently with as many applications as possible. The caution with a specialist or uncommon software is you …

Intelligent Automation

The hype surrounding Intelligent automation is almost as complicated as the technology itself and it is important to remember there is a spectrum of Automation complexity. It starts with Macros and Scripts, RPA, and moves through Process Orchestration, Intelligent Automation and ends with Autonomous Intelligence.

Where which and how much of this spectrum is applied to your business is important to understand in rolling it out to your organization as well as the order in which it is executed. Where do I start, where is the best ROI, do I need a little or a lot. These are all questions that need to be answered before a laptop is fired up and money is spent.

A workforce Innovation platform is considered the fabric that meshes the other technology components together to promote and enable process orchestration.

When Automation tools interface …