IDOL Ultimate Search by MicroFocus

Micro Focus IDOL Cognitive Enterprise Search allows you to index data from wherever it’s kept providing a precise, flexible, and secure approach to your data management strategy. With the ability to connect to more than 150 different disparate content repository types and over 1500 file formats, your data can be indexed and found in place reducing the impact on your server resources while allowing your customers and employees to access the data quickly and easily. All of this is out-of-the-box ready to quickly allow you to connect with your data.

IDOL Natural Language Processing works by identifying patterns within the human language whether written or spoken. This allows IDOL to be language-independent, working with many common languages spoken worldwide. Unlike many competitors, IDOL goes much future with the ability to identify and search video and image files as well. When we say all your data, we mean ALL your data.

Reduce preparation time for analysts so they can focus on the insights found within your data. With the Micro Focus IDOL FIND UI you can go beyond search results to visualize the information to better understand trends, hotspots, and anomalies that may appear within your data.

With its ability to scale to billions of document IDOL offer a stable, long-term almost futureproof choice for information management. A distributed modular architecture allows multiple instances of dedicated handlers to manage query-time traffic and document indexing in real-time. Through the use of IDOL’s self-replicating Docker container, your search application grows as fast as your business.

Who will see the value:

  • Content Manager Users
  • Enterprise Vault
  • Large eMail Stores
  • Organisations who needs to address large format data compliance issues.
  • Organisations who need to search large disparate Data source of all types.

IDOL plays a pivotal role in many other large difficult Enterprise solution stacks.

We would be happy to showcase IDOL Ultimate for your Enterprise.