Lucidworks has enjoyed a meteoric rise to the top rating the high-performance search field.

Currently, they are the sole visionary on the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Insight Engines.

We help the world’s largest organizations make their most valuable data work for their customers and employees.
There’s a gap between people and their data. We’re here to bridge that gap.

LucidWorks Vision

Through a fully-featured system of immense speed, accuracy and power Lucidworks Fusion represents the very best in AI-powered third party search, prediction and insights.

Scalability, sociability and ease of use make extraordinary outcomes available to those who are looking to make their eCommerce, B2B or large data sources delivery like never before.

Whether you are seeking improvements in abandoned shopping cart numbers, getting control of large data lakes or disparate data sources, Lucidworks Fusion can make it happen.

Constructed around the concept of easy to use no-code and low code apps, Lucidworks Fusion Studio offers incredible performance and efficiency that can deliver you the exact metrics you want while offering improvements you never even thought of. All this while lowering node counts and improving efficiency.

Lucidworks are the undisputed leaders in AI-powered search. They have over a decade of proven results providing tools and expertise over the top of the core search project to create business-ready Insight Engine solutions from the smallest to the largest customers. Currently, over 400 of the Fortune 1000 customers rely on Lucidworks stack every single day.

As the major contributors to key open search project Apache SOLR and Apache SPARK, they have an intrinsic and deep expertise of these difficult technologies that keeps pushing forward their Fusion product.

Customer Experience

Reddit – 320 million users a day, 70 million searches a day. (more than Twitter)

Bluestem – 13 brands total $2 Billion eCommerce revenue per year 160 million visits

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