Enterprise Search

Enterprise Search is the unsung hero for Digital Workplace Transformation.

AI-powered search and hyper-personalized applications aren’t just for dating and dining anymore.
Bring them to the workplace for faster decisions, happier teams, and loyal customers.

Do you waste time every day looking for and often not finding the information and answers you seek. You are not alone it is because your current business search engines have stagnated in the last decade.

How does a digital workplace transformation dramatically improve employee engagement and productivity?

Collaborating across silos, across generations, across skill sets is hard. Lucidworks Fusion lets you connect your people to the documents, conversations and knowledge they need.

Your focus needs to be on delivering decision-making with data, personalized insight discovery and modern employee engagement demands.

Connect users to insights when they need them most your focus must be on having a superior user experience with real-time indexing utilising hyper-personal relevance and performance at scale.

Integrate your data ingest, access, and synchronize data securely in real-time at scale with comprehensive data access seamless end-to-end security and transparent classification and clustering.

Dramatically improve employee engagement and productivity by curating your search experience. Visibility into how your team accesses data with manual relevancy tuning and personalized predictive recommendations.

Your needs differ depending on whether you are doing a new roll out or upgrading from a solution you currently use.

The planning and legwork required for these migrations are far from trivial, we would be happy to kick start a discussion of what your desired goals are.