Digital Commerce Search

The bar for product search has been set by Google, Amazon and the leading eTailers, set very high and getting higher every year.

If you make your users search 3 or 4 times many of your potential customers will start their search again elsewhere.

Your online shopping search experience needs to be as close and as personalised as practically possible.

Amazon has a product team of over 500 working on their search and recommendations outcomes,
in order to get close to your customer expectations, you need to be deploying the most powerful technology that works seamlessly with your site.

The Search function is used to show shoppers what they want when they want it, your job is to use the data you have collected and some of the latest in improved search algorithms and AI techniques to lift the quality of the search box. The results are measured in improvements in Add To Cart ratios and Average order values.

You need to be using the most appropriate techniques to enhance and personalize your Shopper’s browsing experience it’s possible your current eCommerce platform may not be as fully featured as possible in this capability.

Using Augmented Intelligence what you know about your customer along with other key signals and data you collect you should have the ability to continuously review and tweak progress in the search outcomes.

There is much to unpack when considering leapfrogging your current search and personalisation capabilities to the next level. We have a long background in Retail and appreciate that pure IT bells and whistles do nothing without the focus on the business imperatives.

These rules apply to B2B, B2C and Omnichannel retailers.

Please reach out to us we have experience with multiple options and are happy to help you understand what option is best for your needs.