IDOL Ultimate Search by MicroFocus

Micro Focus IDOL Cognitive Enterprise Search allows you to index data from wherever it’s kept providing a precise, flexible, and secure approach to your data management strategy. With the ability to connect to more than 150 different disparate content repository types and over 1500 file formats, your data can be indexed and found in place reducing the impact on your server resources while allowing your customers and employees to access the data quickly and easily. All of this is out-of-the-box ready to quickly allow you to connect with your data.

IDOL Natural Language Processing works by identifying patterns within the human language whether written or spoken. This allows IDOL to be language-independent, working with many common languages spoken worldwide. Unlike many competitors, IDOL goes much future with the ability to identify and search video and image files as well. When …

Raytion Search Connectors

Raytion are the benchmark for Enterprise Connectors trusted by and powering seamless connectivity with robust enterprise security.

  • Microsoft
  • Lucidworks
  • Elastic

When searching for information on the internet, the intranet or on specific enterprise systems, a number of aspects have to be considered. The most important one is securely integrating content from specific source systems into a target system in due time.

In enterprise search, the target system is the search engine technology. While searching for documents, it is important to ensure that the search engine does not retrieve unauthorized information and that the security policies put in place are honoured. Integrating content from specific systems like SAP, Oracle and Documentum for example, while respecting the security models of each source system can be a tedious and expensive task for both, the customer and the system integrator.

To circumvent this …

Rosette by BasisTech

Rosette is the class leading solution for Name Matching and Entity Recognition.

We engineer a safer and more productive world by building proven AI solutions for analyzing text, connecting data silos, and discovering digital evidence.

Verifying identity, understanding customers, anticipating world events, uncovering crime. For over twenty years, Basis Technology has provided analytics enabling businesses and governments to tackle some of their toughest problems.

Rosette text analytics employs a hybrid of classical machine learning and deep neural nets to extract meaningful information from unstructured data.…

Vault Sovereign Cloud

Vault Cloud is our preferred technical partner for Government and Critical Infrastructure hosting.

Lucidworks Proof of Value

Lucidworks has only one real challenge that is demonstrating the value it’s capabilities have to improve what you do every day.

We break down these understanding barriers to surface the best use cases from your business that offer a meaningful showcase.

You rapidly progress to an informed decision point on committing to technology spends for your business.

These commitments should be informed by practical demonstrations of them in your business working with your real Data and users.

Our proof of value solutions are pre-tested, pre-proven and adaptable we will not make any disruptive changes to showcase them inside your business.

You deserve to see Lucidworks performance in your real-world setting.…


OutSystems is our choice in Low Code Application Platform.

They have a transparent and straightforward pricing model that makes them a very strong choice for the SME segment.

Innovate with No Limits seems like a shamelessly bold slogan, we feel it’s justified.

Making robust meaningful business applications between 10x or 20x quicker than traditional methods allows you to do more for less and have fewer problems at the end of a development cycle.

New for 2019 it has built-in AI that assists in your basic building blocks this technology learns from all users so will be continuously improving with continued use.

Arrange a time with us for a demonstration of the power of this platform and how it will accelerate your digital transformation goals.

Introduction to OutSystems

Proof of Value Engagement

The time for proof of concepts was years ago, we partner with proven best in category software vendors to prove directly the value they provide quickly and painlessly.

We typically allocate 10 days spent working in and with your business to surface the best use cases from your business that best suit a meaningful showcase of the proposed technologies.

Our goal is to rapidly progress you to an informed decision point on committing to technology spends for your business that can over years cost from hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars.

These commitments should be informed by practical demonstrations of them in your business working with your real Data and users.

You will have a functional environment to see how the technology functions and to determine if this the right choice for your business.

Our solutions are pre-tested, pre-proven …


ABBYY is the Undisputed Leader in the Content Intelligence space. With technologies that have in no small part lead us into the AI era, ABBYY continues to innovate and revolutionise how we work.


Vantage is their latest cloud-based product that takes document handling and archiving to extraordinary new heights. Able to automate and understand several key aspects of modern business it has the power to revolutionize your administrative tasks and get better at it as time goes by. This technology will be indispensable as time goes by and business speeds up.


TimeLine PI is a revolutionary product offering insights into the very core of how your business really works, and it will do it in real-time. Offering the ability to create custom metrics dashboards it will provide you unprecedented incites into the real-time performance of your business …


UiPath is the latest software powerhouse you may not have heard of.

2016 – 2019 have grown almost exponentially recording 35,000% growth.

They provide a suite of tools designed for business-ready Robotic Process Automation.

To get a sense of the scale of their success PwC alone has committed to spending over $1 Billion dollars on licensing.

The US Federal government is training over 1 million staff to be proficient with RPA.

UiPath has successfully walked the tight-rope of Tier 1 software integration and co-operation and has meaningful agreements with Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, Citrix and hundreds of additional vendors crucially they have done the heavy lifting so you don’t have to.

They have developed an AI (artificial intelligence) fabric providing robust out of box AI solutions combining with its citizen developer focussed low code development platform to offer true intelligent process …


Lucidworks has enjoyed a meteoric rise to the top rating the high-performance search field.

Currently, they are the sole visionary on the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Insight Engines.

We help the world’s largest organizations make their most valuable data work for their customers and employees.
There’s a gap between people and their data. We’re here to bridge that gap.

LucidWorks Vision

Through a fully-featured system of immense speed, accuracy and power Lucidworks Fusion represents the very best in AI-powered third party search, prediction and insights.

Scalability, sociability and ease of use make extraordinary outcomes available to those who are looking to make their eCommerce, B2B or large data sources delivery like never before.

Whether you are seeking improvements in abandoned shopping cart numbers, getting control of large data lakes or disparate data sources, Lucidworks Fusion can make it happen.

Constructed …