ABBYY is the Undisputed Leader in the Content Intelligence space. With technologies that have in no small part lead us into the AI era, ABBYY continues to innovate and revolutionise how we work.


Vantage is their latest cloud-based product that takes document handling and archiving to extraordinary new heights. Able to automate and understand several key aspects of modern business it has the power to revolutionize your administrative tasks and get better at it as time goes by. This technology will be indispensable as time goes by and business speeds up.


TimeLine PI is a revolutionary product offering insights into the very core of how your business really works, and it will do it in real-time. Offering the ability to create custom metrics dashboards it will provide you unprecedented incites into the real-time performance of your business systems and illustrate them in a simple to comprehend graphical interfaces that will make process analysis and improvement a repeatable, organic and quantifiable part of your businesses best practice. No more guessing.

Customer Experience


PepsiCo Imaging Technology creates document imaging and management solutions for PepsiCo’s worldwide network of business entities. However, the company’s four largest European entities were still keying invoice and credit memo data into SAP manually – a labor-intensive process that was time-consuming and error-prone. To alleviate this, PepsiCo sought to automate the entities’ AP processes – which Imaging Technology achieved with help from ABBYY.