Do you search for information and answers at work and fail to find, don’t feel bad you are in the silent majority.

Your staff are spending way more time looking for answers and wrangling data into a usable state to suit their specific tasks than they need to. How many Siloed sets of Data do you have, it’s time to bust those siloes and see them all in one place.

Enterprise search has made impressive breakthroughs in the last five years. The improvements in AI-powered data mining in particular with natural language processing (NLP) needs to be witnessed for yourself. Digital Commerce giants like Amazon have raised the bar for search and those same techniques are now able to be used on your corporate data.

Old style black box search capabilities offering poor insights into why they fail to find answers can be retired.

It’s time to value the searches your staff employ to do their work to use software that constantly learns and adapts from all search results the good and the bad.

Deploy search software that can connect hundreds of sources simultaneously and scales to the billions of records you have today and can keep up with all you will create in the future.

Please contact us to discuss your needs, we can design a custom demonstration to prove how well this works for your organisation.